The name Chelagat is of Kalenjin (Kenyan) origin attributed to Art, Knowledge and Freedom. This is a perfect description of what we are about as a brand. It was so named to give recognition to the Founder 's mother who is Kalenjin and where the talent stems from. Chelagat's Vogue is a visual expression of the Founder's love for Fashion & Design, Home Décor and Crafts.

This is a brand that embarks on being artistic and creative, making affordable items and having fun. We are a highly inventive brand that draws inspiration from necessity. A brand that caters to the modern stylish human and their homes. A brand that explores various sections of Art & Crafts, Fashion & Design and Home Décor as we are a socially responsible label, slow fashion and zero waste who re-purpose and use environmentally friendly materials to help in conservation of our beautiful planet.

Local Fashion Exclusively
Sustainable, Ethical and Locally Produced.

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